Design Challenge: Lore Logo and Credit Card

Design Challenge

May 2018

A design challenge to create a logo and credit card for a fictional luxury credit card company. Done as part of a recruiting process.


"Create a fictional luxury credit card brand.

A name you can use for this brand is "Lore" however you are welcome to choose a different name if you prefer. The only brand requirement is this card should appeal to very affluent, young consumers (think high six to seven figure annual income). Design a logo for this luxury financial brand and use it to create a credit card design that would resonate with the described target consumer. "


I began creating the logo by looking at the prompt, pulling out important information, and taking notes about what kind of brand Lore is and the message it wants to send its audience.

The Logo

I drew the following sketches after deciding to move forward with a bird. I researched and brainstormed birds that are associated with luxury and legends (lore), cycling between peacocks and phoenixes before deciding on a phoenix design. I chose the phoenix because of its associate with power and rebirth (linking to the young generation). I thought the motif would convey strength in the brand and the bird is linked loosely to both definitions of the word “lore.”

Brainstorming bird shapes and fonts

When choosing a font, I picked a sans-serif font in a thin weight with generous letter spacing. I wanted the font to be round enough to complement the logo, but geometric enough to provide contrast. The font was to be simple, but elegant. I ended up choosing Raleway — the other fonts had rounded endpoints or felt too tall.

A couple color variations on the logo design

Colors generally associated with the phoenix are warm toned like reds, yellows, oranges, so I chose a burgundy and gold color palette for the mark. I played around with the coloring of the bird and monochromatic marks before deciding on a burgundy bird and gold eye. The final logo is shown below.

The final logo design

The Credit Card

For the credit card, my main goal was to create a chic card that conveyed wealth. The card needed to age well and be timeless and classy, but still elegant and hip. When looking for color palettes in my brainstorming stage, black stood out to me as appealing the most to my audience.

For the front, I opted for a matte black card with a glossy version of the phoenix mark overlaid in the back. The card should be made of metal with a gold (wealth!) embossed font. I chose to exclude the card number and expiration date from the front to make the card look cleaner and sleeker. Additionally, the younger generation tends to be concerned about privacy, so hiding the card number helps achieve that goal. The company mark is in a monochromatic gold in the corner.

The front and back of the card

The back side follows suit with the black-on-black design. The card itself is matte black and the magstripe is also black. The font on this side is white for better legibility. Credit cards typically have customer service information, terms, and more details about the card on the back; thus, it is important for the font to be as legible as possible. The logo is included on the bottom left hand corner for stronger branding on the card.

I left empty space on the card for additional information as needed, detailed in the diagram below.

Breaking down card logistics

The Final Product

A mockup of both sides of the final credit card