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FactSet Design Systems

FactSet Research Systems, UX Design Intern

Summer 2018

During my time as a FactSet intern, I was responsible for creating a responsive Figma library for FactSet's design systems using atomic design principles.

FactSet's Visual Design team was working on transitioning from using Adobe Fireworks to using Figma. My project for the summer was creating a visual library using atomic design principles with the intention of creating a new, fully developed design system.

While my focus was on the visual side, I spoke and worked with my managers and some frontend developers to plan out how to develop a system where small visual design changes can propagate quickly to our applications. With those discussions in mind, I built the library using nested components and created a demo that showed how each component was broken down and how it should be used.

Breaking down menus into smaller pieces to create a responsive component

Listen to me ramble more about the work I did during my internship and watch me walk through (super speedily) a demo file below!

Other Demos

I've also created a couple (silent) videos demonstrating how I built tabs and building a few screens using the team library.