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INFO4154: Analytics Driven Game Design

Fall 2018

An action game focused around Dewd Drewp the dew drop dewde propelling water to move, developed in Unity for CS/INFO4154.

For INFO4154: Analytics Driven Game Design, I served as a visual and UX designer for a team of 6 students developing a web game. I worked on character design/terrain, animation, level design, and the interface elements.

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"Dewd Drewp the dew drop dewde has found himself far, far away from his fellow friends at the falls. Insects and plants alike are doing everything in their power to prevent our bubbly buddy from going home. Will Drewp ever careen over the cascade with his cronies again?"

The player uses the mouse to aim and space to shoot projectiles to move

Developing Game Mechanics

One of the biggest challenges was creating game mechanics that felt fresh and entertaining. We knew we wanted to create an action game with unique terrain. After iterating through a couple ideas, we settled on a mechanic where the player navigates a terrain by choosing to grow or shrink.

A paper prototype

The Design

Our group discussed general themes that matched our game mechanics and, armed with a theme, I worked with the other designer on the team to create a general mood and aesthetic for the game. We created a mood board and pulled designs that inspired the aesthetics of the game.

A few examples from our Pinterest board
Playing with character design and UI

Developing Gameplay

Some level design sketches and an (early) Gantt chart for determining level progression

Iterating with Analytics

From the first two releases, we could see that players were frequently dying at the very beginning of the first level, and subsequently not continuing to play.

A heatmap of deaths for our first level of our first release

Our focus for the rest of the semester became developing tutorial levels that kept players engaged. We released four different versions of our game:

Burndown charts showing our player engagement between releases

While generally the amount of time players played remained similar between releases, the number of players that reached level 3 increased significantly. We also refined the mechanics, art, and animations as we progressed through releases.

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