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beepboop: A Reddit Bot Explorer

CS4300: Language and Information

Spring 2018

A search engine to peruse Reddit accounts that appear to be bots, built for CS4300.

For CS4300: Language and Information, we explored the usage of different techniques to return relevant results for queries. Our final project was a search engine that explored Reddit bots based on bot identity, functionality, and characteristics. We offered three search methods to accomplish this: searching directly by name, based on the bot's comments, and based on the user replies to the bot.

I focused primarily on UI/UX and frontend web development.


Note that there is an initially long load time because it takes time to build the dataset for the first time!


Curious about previous iterations?

Technical details

We built this application using Flask. For each search method, we used some of the following techniques to return relevant results:

A general idea

I began with a simple wireframe for a query + results based site.

More fleshed out mockups

To display more results on the page, we opted to hide some information and instead create a modal for each bot.

The graphics

I whipped up some simple bot icons for the query results, seeing as there were no images to fetch from Reddit, and a cute animation for the main splash.