graphic design, etc.

My primary career interests lie in UI/UX, but I like to dabble in graphics now & then to exercise my creative muscles. Sometimes I also draw!

With quarantine and COVID-19, I've been finding more free time for side projects. I'm on Fiverr making silly Slack reaction gifs right now, and also doing the 100 day Daily UI challenge.

My Daily UI progress
A flyer for the 2020 office holiday party.
A mental health publication modeled after Portraits of Resiliency. Click to learn more!
Onboarding animations for Next Jump's Feedback Labs mobile application.
Client collateral for the 2019 holiday season.
Marketing materials for StartupTree at USASBE '18.
A hospital and school in a city graphic for a fundraising page. Click to learn about the project.
The cover for a web-based video game following the journey of a dew drop. Click to learn more!
A fun dumpling party graphic to ring in the Lunar New Year.
Another Lunar New Year graphic for the Year of the Rat.
My roommate and my holiday card for 2019. It was fun to photoshoot and doodle!
A fictional credit card company for a design challenge. Click for the write up!