I'm Cindy,
a computer science major turned product designer (through a series of accidents) from Phoenix, AZ. I currently work at Next Jump.

I graduated from Cornell University with a minor in Information Science with a concentration on Interactive Technologies. I'm fascinated with both physical computing and curating user interactions and I love to create.

When I'm not glued to my computer, I like to climb, take photos, play tennis, and make music.

Want to chat? Email me at [email protected]!!

a snapshot of my previous life

FactSet, UX Design
I helped kickstart FactSet's design systems this past summer.
StartupTree, Product Design
Summer 2017, I designed for a variety of applications for StartupTree's platform.
BigRed//Hacks, Graphic Design
BigRed//Hacks started it all (and by all I mean my design career)! Paid it forward by designing for Cornell's annual hackathon.
Adobe CCN, Brand Ambassador
I promoted Adobe products on campus through a workshop series as a member of the Adobe Creative Club Network.
Medium Design Collective, VP
A huge player in my design origin story, Medium promotes design on campus through projects and events.
Alpha Phi Omega Gamma Chapter, PR Chair
I created marketing material and fun ~swag~ for my service fraternity. I've also previously served as the Webmaster and Historian.
Cornell University Chorus
I sang as an Alto 1 in Cornell's premier treble choir. Catch us touring Canada in the spring!
Thorny Roses Ultimate Frisbee
I can't toss or run to save my life, but still trying to stay active!